Q: What is the cost? Often the first question people ask is “how much”?
A: The US British Shorthair price is dictated by a number of factors such as the regional market, color/shade/pattern and each cat’s pedigree. Coats such as solid Blue and Lilac are more classic/common whereas Cream, Fawn, Cinnamon and Chocolate are more rare. Shaded, Pointed, Bi-color, Tri-color (Calico) and Tortie have a higher demand and will be on the higher end of the price range. Currently the market in the US for a registered British Shorthair (BSH) kitten age 3 months is anywhere from ~$2,000-$4,000+ USD before any transportation costs. Prices for our kittens fall somewhere in the middle of the range.

Q: Are BSH cats cuddly?
A: As a general rule no, however, males are known to be a bit more affectionate. They do enjoy being petted just not so much carried around or held. Socialization also is a factor so the more kittens are handled the better. We hold, cuddle and play with our kittens and they’re socialized with other cats and small dogs. Adult BSH do enjoy being petted and talked to, but rare to have a BSH that’s a true “lap cat”. They are pretty independent.

Q: Can I breed my TLC Brits kitten?
A: Most kitten registrations will not be for breeding. Spay/Neuter will be completed before kittens go home or by a deadline based on breeder/buyer contract. Occasionally we may have kittens for Breeding & Show available for consideration to established, reputable breeders for an additional fee. Please send a PM to inquire.

Q: Can kittens be transported to other parts of the US?
A: Breeder will assess the temperament of the particular kitten. TLC Brits can refer you to a pet transport service.

Q: How old will the kitten be when I get it?
A: As a general rule, kittens go to their new homes at 12 weeks. Each kitten will be evaluated on an individual basis by the breeder. Clients who are searching or in contract for a kitten are welcome to visit. Pictures and videos are provided regularly and upon request.

Q: What is the timeline for kitten selection?
A: If you are already on the waitlist for a particular kitten you will need to make your deposit within 3 days of notification and/or the deposit period starting. After that, it’s based on first deposit received on a specific kitten.

Q: How do I know if a kitten is available?
A: Statuses will be assigned and posted once deposits are being accepted. These are the statuses.
AVAILABLE-No Deposit has been made
HOLD-Deposit has been made but kitten selection is not final yet/Kitten is being held for Breeding program/Kitten is on hold by Breeder
RESERVED-Kitten has already been selected and Deposit has been made
HOME-Kitten is in their new home

Q: Do the kittens receive their shots? Are they spay/neutered?
A: Cost includes all age appropriate vaccines, FELV/FIV testing, worming, parasite screening and their spay/neuter surgery at 3 months. They recover from surgery before going to their new home.