Pricing, Payments & Spay/Neuter


$2,700 (deposit $810/30%) *VERY RARE*

• Tricolor/Calico all colors

• Bicolor/Harlequin/Van Chocolate, Cinnamon and Fawn with white

• Solid Cinnamon, Chocolate & Fawn

$2,300 (deposit $690/30%) *CLASSIC*

• Bicolor/Harlequin/Van Blue, Lilac, Red, Cream

• Solid Red & Cream

• Solid Blue & Lilac


• Payment 1: Deposit due at Reservation

• Payment 2: 30% due at 10 weeks

• Balance due at pick-up/transfer (12 weeks+)

• Special payment arrangements will be considered

• Zelle or Venmo preferred

• Square, ApplePay, PayPal FF accepted.

Reservation & Deposit Policy

Deposits are transferable but non-refundable. Buyer can request to delay (transfer) for future litter/kitten up to 10 weeks old. If a new Buyer is located for the kitten prior to 12 weeks old, deposit may be transferred back to original buyer following completion of kitten purchase. There will be a $100 administrative fee.


Kittens may be spayed/neutered prior to leaving the Cattery.

If I spay/neuter at my vet there’s a $200/$100 fee. I typically spay right at 12 weeks. Females need 5-7 days to recover. Males 3-5 days. All kittens flying must recover 7 days per-flight.

If buyer spay/neuters at their own Vet, there will be additional contract terms stipulating a strict “no breeding” clause. TICA owner registration is completed after proof of spay/neuter is provided.